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VALI– As a salon owner, Vali encompasses all the characteristics you would hope to find in a leader in the beauty industry.

     Vali’s advanced training and passion for perfection give him the reputation for positively changing the way you feel about yourself.

    He has a wide range of knowledge about hairstyling from Europe, New York, Chicago, and Toronto, working with top stylists and keeping up to date on current trends and changes in the industry. This allows him to be a fantastic and confident stylist and salon owner. In the words of Vidal Sassoon, “If you look good, we look good.”

            Vali is  - MK Hair Botox Canadian Educator and Expert 

          - Hair Loss - Scalp Micropigmentation Specialist

          and specializes in Hair Botox / Keratin Treatment, Hair Extensions, Balayage and Colour Correction.

BOB ELIAS– Bob’s ability to see the full potential in people is what has made him such a success in the beauty world. 

   He has traveled all over, from Toronto to Australia, California, New York, and Paris. learning valuable skills from respected stylists and salons.

   Bob has over 10 years of salon management experience in Australia and is always up to date with the current trends he is now the part-owner of Modern Touch. He is a master at his craft and is never afraid to take on a big project!

   Bob is an expert in Hair Extensions, Hair Botox, Keratin Treatment, Colors, and Balayage and loves cutting any type/length of hair.

ALONA– is a salon multitasker. She’s able to do everything from beautiful Up-Do's to Balayage, Highlights, Haircuts, and Keratin Treatments. Alona’s funky nature and style make her a hit with fashion-conscious women.

Her ability and talent to create a different look for each individual are what keep her at the top of the class. And her awesome personality is just a bonus!

Alona has attended and participated in much top hair shows in Toronto and continues to be a part of the action whenever she gets a chance!

Alona is an expert at Up-Do’s, Make-Up, and is Hair Botox / Keratin Treatment certified.

ANNA's sweet, caring personality and natural smile immediately make you feel at home in her chair. With over 25 years of experience and oodles of natural talent, this makes her an easy choice for introducing new clients.

    Anna’s ability to recreate classic styles is what makes her very popular with women of all ages. You’ll find yourself wanting to come back again and again! Anna has attended several Hair-Shows with L’Oreal Professionnel and has taken intensive courses with many top stylists to stay up to date in the industry.

Anna is an expert at Colours and Perms.


LIZ The confidence and high skill level make her comfortable taking on any challenge. She works with all hair lengths and colours to create classic and creative looks for her clients. 

   Liz works hard and is extremely efficient in her art. This makes her an ideal choice for time-conscious women who want to look the best they can be without spending their whole day at the salon

   Liz has worked with many top stylists and has taken intensive courses over the years to ensure she is always offering the best service possible as an expert at working with Super Fine Hair and very difficult hair.

She is an expert in Hait Botox, UP-Do's, Colouring Balayage and Colour Correction services.

MAHA  - Is our intermediate artist. Her bubbly personality and desire to exceed every client's expectations make her a great addition to our salon. With over 3 years of experience, she is a very devoted stylist and is always working to expand her knowledge. MAHA loves the opportunity to give the client a superb style, and give them any hair advice they are looking for.  



NINA is a professional at everything she does. Her many years of experience as an esthetician make her an extremely competent and successful beautician. Nina has an inviting nature and always makes her clients feel comfortable.

She is a certified Thai Massage Therapist

Nina is a Facial and Thai Massage expert and gives an out-of-this-world Manicures and Pedicures.



 SARA – Loves working at the front desk of Modern Touch. She loves being the first and last point of contact with every client and loves to see how great they feel once they leave our salon.  

SARA does her best to please everyone to the best of her ability.  She also runs most of the social media accounts for the salon, so if you have a question about anything you saw online, there is the girl to ask.



FELICIA - is part of our front desk team and assists us with scheduling appointments, responding to client questions and concerns, and assisting with the overall flow of the salon. 
Don’t hesitate to approach FELICIA with any questions you may have or for an appointment with us, she is happy to help.




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