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Small Steps With Big Impacts
     Our Salon is proud to be joining the Green Circle Salons program, helping to make the communities cleaner, healthier and more vibrant places. It starts with YOU.
      Modern Touch Pickering is the first Salon in Pickering - Ajax area beside thousands of Green Circle Salons  across Canada and United Sates and ensuring 85-95% of our waste is being managed in an environmentally responsible way.
     The salon and spa industry dumps hundreds of thousands of pounds of solid waste into landfill and pours liquid chemicals down the drain and into water bodies every day.
      Our Salon became GREEN as of April 17th 2017.
      Partner with Green Circle Salons, our eco fee only for Haircut services $0.95 and Chemical and Haircut services $1.95 will ensure your hair is recycled and used for offshore oil spills, turn excess hair colour, bleach and peroxide into new source of energy, foils, colours tubes and other materials will be disposed of in a safe way, reducing our salon eco-footprint and ensuring we work towards a more sustainable future.
       Formore info please visit
       Thank You for Your Support!!!




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