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           Modern Touch specializes in giving women eye-catching looks with lash extensions to help them wake up looking beautiful. With nature sounds playing in the background, our LASH artists apply lashes one by one using a perfected technique, ensuring the continued health of the natural lashes. Many clients even fall asleep during the gentle application. 

            Our staff constantly works to update their skills with the latest techniques, and their knowledge of lash extensions includes eye anatomy, shaping for different eye shapes, mixing different lengths and curls within sets, instantly making lashes appear longer and thicker. Feather soft, the hairs are lighter than most synthetic options and easier to curl and customize, allowing for looks that range from a simple mascara effect to a doe-eyed gaze perfectly primed for doling out butterfly kisses.  With the same attention to detail, the technician will shape the eyebrows as complimentary with every lash extension service.

             The extensions will stay put as long as the lashes they’re attached to do -that is, for the duration of the hair’s life cycle, meaning looks can last up to two months—longer for clients who invest in regular touch-ups. In order to maintain the look, we recommend touch-ups every few weeks.  Upon receiving your new full set of lashes, we’ll provide you with after-care information.

             With over a 100 types of lashes -all varying in length, curvature and thickness, we can customize a look that matches your desire and lifestyle. In addition our lashes and adhesives are all medical-grade materials and have been rigorously tested and are safe for use around the eye.  Even for our most sensitive clients, there are specially formulated adhesives that won’t cause irritation.




"Our Strength is Your Beauty"