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 We offer lashes in a variety of colours, lengths, thicknesses and curls! We are excited to customize lash applications to suit Your individual sense of style!  Get ready to Flirt, Flutter...& Flaunt!


NOTE:    Before you choosing what is the best lash extensions for you, and how many strands of extensions you need to have for best lash extensions, keep in mind that more extensions looks better. Most of our regular clients wear about 80LPE up to 120 LPE. The more single eyelash extensions you get the closer you will be to the best lash extensions. A very important note is that the more LPE you start out with the longer you can wait for a refill.

Classical Lash Extension - One by One

Description:   Single Eyelash Extensions are applied one by one to your own lashes.

      Eyelash extensions full set helps to achieve natural mascara look eyelash extensions. Partial refills every few weeks will keep up the look.

      Partial or incomplete eyelash extensions , is intended primarily for those who feel that they do not need a lot of lashes or don’t have a lot of own lashes. If you feel that even this is too much, don’t worry we can customize the look and individual eyelash extensions prices for you.

      Choosing thinner silk eyelashes, when you do full set eyelash extensions, you can achieve amazing natural looking eyelash extensions.


Refill :

Full set  2 weeks     $65  (50-60 LPE) - 60 min.

Extended fill           $85  (75-100 LPE) - 75 min.


  $150 - Full Set Single 

120 lashes per eye.  

 120 min. fill


50 lashes per eye.  

 75 min. fill

Silk - 2D Lash Extension - Double Lashes by One

Description:   Silk eyelash extensions placed doubled up per lash. Full Set Silk eyelash extensions, looks like really thick natural looking eyelash extensions. Silk eyelash extensions - in this look so much flirt and angelic innocence.

  $180 - Full Set 2D 

250 lashes per eye.  

 2-2.5 hours fill

Refill  $85  

100 lashes per eye.  

75 min. fill

 Extended fill $120  

60 lashes per eye.  

 90 min. fill

Rusian Volume - 3D Lash Extension - Three Lashes by One

Description:   3D eyelash extensions are done using the thinnest Silk or Mink lashes extensions to you own natural lashes. We attach 3 strands of these really thin extensions to one of your natural lash.

     3D eyelash extensions full setwill give you the fullest look possible without looking fake. However because the strands are so thin your newextensions will feel amazingly softer than the usual thicker strands that you are used to wearing.

     Partial 3D eyelash extensions, is intended primarily for those who feel that they do not need a lot of lashes.          Anyway, if are usually getting 50 LPE you will now have 150 LPE. If you feel that even this is too much, don’t worry we can customize the look and individual eyelash extensions prices for you.

  $250 - Full Set 3D 

600 lashes per eye.  

 2-3 hours fill

$140  Half set

300 lashes per eye.  

 90 min. fill

Refill  $120  

200+ lashes per eye.  


  FREE Removal lashes* followed by new lash extensions service

Removal of Modern Touch lashes - $20
Removal of Other Salon lashes - $35

Note:   By booking your appointment we request deposit 10% of your service which will be used towards your Lash extesions service.

How to care for your eyelash extensions

  • The standard practice in the eyelash extension industry is to avoid contact with water for 3-4 after the application of eyelash extensions.

  • Avoid a solarium, within 24 hours after eyelashes extensions.

  • Do not rub your eyelashes. It reduces their term.

  • Eyelash curlers are not recommended to use on eyelash extensions.

  • Do not use dryer on the hot setting to blow your lashes. Dry wet lashes using a blow dryer only on the cool setting. Because high temperature overdries eyelash glue, and this in turn reduces the life of your lashes.

  • Avoid oily products such as eye creams as oil causes the bonds to soften and will decrease the lifespan of your extensions. Apply the cream on the eyelid gently, avoiding the eyelashes.

  • When cleaning your lashes, never rub them. Use an upwards or downwards motion to wash them. 

  • Cleaning lashes with paper towel and gentle not oil eye  makeup remover is the best option. We do not recommend using cotton products , because it will get cotton fluff, causing you to pull out the cotton lint, and consequently your lashes.




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