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Price and Packages

Spa Packages (Thai)


Thai Express Spa Package


1 Hour Traditional Thai Massage for feet, hands, arms, and shoulders followed with

30 min. Thai Facial Hot herbal Massage.


This package is designed to re-energize your mind, body, and soul.


               1.1/2 hours Price $109       Reg. $154


Thai Balance Spa Package


1 Hour Thai Hot Herbal Compress followed with Thai Facial and Scalp Hot Herbal Massage and a full Botanical Facial


          2.1/2 Hours Price $16       Reg. $205   


 Enjoy a reviving feeling of balance, calmness, and rejuvenation from head to toe.


Thai Royal Spa Massage


1 Hour Traditional Thai Back Massage.

1 Hour Thai Hot Herbal Compress Massage followed by Botanicals Facial and Thai Herbal Facial Massage.


           3.1/2 Hours Price $255        Reg. $293


Thai Massage


1 Hour Thai Massage                              $ 99.00

First Visit 25% off                                       $ 74.25



3 Sessions Thai Massage                       $227.00

                                     (reg. $297.00)  Save $70.00


1.1/2 Hour Thai Massage                       $ 120.00

2 Hours Thai Massage                           $150.00


Thai Hot Herbal Massage


1 Hour Thai Hot Herbal Massage          $ 99.00

First Visit 15% off                                     $ 84.15

1.1/2 Hour Thai Hot Herbal Massage  $120.00


Thai Facial Herbal Massage


30 min. Thai Facial Herbal Massage     $ 55.00


Thai Facial Herba Massage can be added to any Facial for $20.00








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