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       Thai Massage is a very individual experience in the hands of a skilled practitioner, each session is customized and tailored to meet specific client needs, ranging from a relaxing, passive, slow palm massage for stress reduction, to energize, deep work using elbows and knees to apply stronger presses accompanied by stretching, tractions and twists. Slow and rhythmic, each posture flows easily into the next. Mild, firm or strong touché techniques are applied to create powerful, singular, healing experience. A relaxing rejuvenating form of passive yoga, Tai Chi and Eastern massage techniques combined.


      Thai Massage creates a singular healing experience by blending: Gentle Rocking, Deep Stretching, Rhytmic Compression, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Yoga Postures, Breath-Work.


      Thai Massage alleviates common conditions such as: Back pain, Frozen shoulder, Headaches, Stress related difficulties, Limited range of motion and flexibility, Muscular and joint tension, Soft tissue related disorders.


         Clients are taken through a full range of motion resulting in an increased sense of well-being and stress relief, while stimulating the detoxification process by balancing meridians. Sessions complement all body types and are tailored to the individual needs of each client.




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