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EXPRESS FACIAL (30 min.)           $45.00

This facial allows you to experience the look of beautiful skin in minimal time. Revitalize your skin’s beauty with this express treatment.

TEEN FACIAL (60 min.)                 $65.00

The Teen Facial introduces the use of collagen extract, which penetrates faster and deeper into the dermis to help strengthen the collagen fibrils.

THE ULTIMATE HYDRATING FACIAL.         (75 min.)               $80.00

Ideal for dehydrated, aging or mature skin conditions. This treatment involves intense skin preparation using a combination of exfoliants to ensure maximum penetration of Clayton Shagal’s active ingredients. It then utilizes collagen and elastin products to nourish and strengthen the collagen and elastin fibrils in the dermis.

SIGNATURE COLLAGEN & ELASTIN FACIAL     (75 min)            $80.00

For all types of skin, a simple, yet highly effective treatment which utilizes all extracts to simulate the production of collagen and elastin fibrils.

ANTI-AGING FACIAL (75 min.)                               $85.00

For mature skin only. The anti-aging treatment introduces the utilization of Clayton Shagal’s Hyprocel Extract, which composes of proteoglycans. Proteoglycans send out impulses to inactive or sluggish cells (typically found in aging skin) to produce new proteoglycans, which will prompt the production of collagen and elastin fibrils.

ACNE FACIAL (75 min.)                                        $80.00

EYE LIFT TREATMENT (30 min.)                          $40.00

Intensely localized treatment for the eye area that may be conducted as an add-on treatment or alone.
(Can be added to any Facial for $20.00)

ULTRASONIC TREATMENT (30 min.)                   $35.00

• Accelerates skin’ metabolism
• Non-invasive
• Improves product penetration
• Stimulates blood and lymph
(Can be added to any Facial for $10.00)

BACK TREATMENT                                                $65.00+




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