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    The Hot Herbal Massage is made up of a blend of many medicinal herbs, including, plai, ginger, tamrind, lemongrass, camphor, kaffir lime cumin, which are wrapped in muslin cloth and heated via steam. The Hot Compress is then applied directly to the body with a distinctive kneading action.


     As with Traditional Thai Massage, the Hot Herbal massage treatment concentrates on the major energy lines (Sen) that run throughout the body. The aim is to remove blockages and to improve and harmonize the flow of energy throughout the body. Thai Herbal compress is an effective stand-alone treatment for the relief of muscles pains and inflammation, for chronic tension and to soften and nourish the skin. It is also a perfect compliment to a Traditional Thai Massage.


      What to expect from the Treatment?


      The Thai Hot Herbal Massage is a wonderful healing and deeply relaxing treatment. After your Thai Spa Therapist show you the treatment room, you will disrobe and lie on a warm massage table covered by a sheet and blanket. Your Thai Spa Therapist will undrape one body section at a time an apply oil to the area prior to using the herbal compress application. The warm Herbal compress, which is steamed before use, pressed and rolled into the skin along the energy channels evoking a deep state of relaxation.


      Benefits of Hot Herbal Massage?


      The steam releases the healing properties of the herbs, which are absorbed through the skin, improving blood circulation and providing a detoxifying, healing, revitalizing and rejuvenating experience.




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